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Norament 825 - 0749

£17.50 (£21.00 Inc. Vat)

Size:501mm x 501mm

Quantity . £40.00 Transported from Europe Per Tile

Code:825 0749

Description: Rubber studded tile floor covering for heavy traffic areas with a round surface, solid color.

Most versatile color selection for budget conscious commercial applications such as:

Healthcare facilities, Stadiums, Retail and schools.

Excellent for wheeled traffic - Ultra low vibration.
Color coordinated accessories and stairtreads.
Slip resistant in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Dimensions: 501 x 501mm/ Thickness: 3.2mm/ Minimum Order: 1 tile

There are over 20 different colours in this range visit www.nora.com

For special fire-protection requirements
Largely oil and grease resistant
For raised-access floors
Available as stair tread
High footfall sound absorption
Electrostatic dissipative / conductive