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Yellow safety ramps

£20.00 4 per pack (£24.00 Inc. Vat)

Size:583 mm x 75 mm

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Code:Yellow safety ramps

Description: Please call for pricing

Tel: 01189862255

These 7mm or 5mm interlocking PVC tiles come in 2 different styles (studded & Textured) & were developed to provide an instant self laying floor surface for use in a wide variety of heavy-duty and high traffic areas.

Tile sizes:
Studded tiles 516mm x 516mm
Textured finish 508mm x 508mm

The PVC tiles can handle equipment such as forklifts and are ideal in many industrial applications including commercial gyms .

These tiles are also great for residential uses such as garages, basements, mudrooms - anywhere a durable floor is needed. PVC tiles can withstand the toughest environment and weight conditions. The tiles are also resistant to oil, petroleum, grease, anti-freeze and most chemicals

An economical solution for a new floor surface or to repair old worn out

The original "jigsaw" profile is used on all four sides of the tile and can be locked firmly together in a matter of seconds using only a rubber mallet.

A complete floor can be laid, or lifted in a short time, without any need for expert labour or adhesives, thereby giving you significant savings in the total cost of a finished floor area.